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Author: Audrey Wooster

Let’s Talk Acreage

What is it about the Sunset Marquis that has made it such a Hollywood safe haven for musicians, artists, actors, and moguls? At the risk of sounding arrogant, we can think of a few (dozen) reasons. However, if we distill …

Seasoned Spring Breakers

Here at the Sunset Marquis, one can effortlessly tell when spring is about to, well, spring. It’s one of the perks of having 3.5 acres of lush and vibrant gardens for hallways between our rooms. Our suites and villas look …

The Oscars: Our Favorite Production(s)

In Los Angeles, “voting season” doesn’t mean what it means everywhere else. We look to stars rather than to candidates. “Voting season” is when screeners upon screeners get mailed out to comrades in the entertainment industry. Movies, television shows, and

From Open Doors to Moments with The Doors

The Sunset Marquis’s role in the history of rock ‘n’ roll is no secret. For decades, our hotel has welcomed musical legends – offering an escape, a home, or quite frankly a party. Some of these legendary moments go down

Grounded on the Sunset Marquis Grounds

Villa Gardens Walkway

The Sunset Marquis has been referred to by many as Los Angeles’s hidden “oasis.” An infamous hideaway for rockers, artists, and celebrities. Inconspicuously tucked into the heart of WeHo, it’s difficult to imagine the extensiveness of the property unless you