At Sunset Marquis

The Valet was fast…

…the front desk was faster and just as quickly as I was in the lobby, I was back out in the warm California sun. . Afternoon girls contemplate evening plans with tropical drinks as I pass the pool and a few of Joe Bonamassa’s favorite guitars on display as I head to my room.

Over the bridge, the koi fish eye me, eagerly awaiting a bite while diners never notice I exist as their bites consume them. The bar calls to me, an old friend beckons with a “cheers”. I signal for five as I melt into gardens. A turn and a twist and another pool, the wooden door, and the luxury West Hollywood hotel Villa I call home.

Jr Villa Livingroom

Junior Villa

I pace when I write, back and forth, which requires the sort of room my West Hollywood hotel Villa allows. Even the shower is big enough for some decent pacing. And maybe it’s just me, but the acoustics in this bathroom are outstanding. “Lean on me, Sunset Marquis, When you’re not strong.” Sing it with me rainfall showerhead.

One Bedroom Villa

“Welcome to the Jungle,” I sing with rock Bravado as we wind through the perfectly manicured yet densely packed foliage of the gardens, en route to our West Hollywood hotel Villa. I get the “you’re singing in public” look from my offspring. Teenage angst turns into youthful delight when they walk through the door into our fabulous living room for the week. Devices are connected to flat-screen TVs, a pillow fort built on the couch, and all is right in their young world. I take my bottle of wine to the enormous bathtub, quack hello to my rubber ducky, and slowly sink into the sublime.

Accessible rooms may be reserved, based on availablity, at time of booking.

Two Bedroom Villa

It hit me like a tidal wave at dinner; a bite of Thai Snapper suspended on a fork in front of my face. “Are you okay?”, my manager inquires. I put down the bite, grab the bottle of wine, and bolt for my West Hollywood hotel Villa.

I sit down at the grand piano and solve a melody that has eluded me for the better part of a decade. Two hours later, after a final triumphant play through, I collapsed on the cloud-like leather couch and begin imbibing straight from the bottle I absconded with earlier. Maybe I’ve just finished my masterpiece. Maybe it will never be heard again. But either way, I don’t think it would have finished it in any other place. Sunset Marquis is my muse, and thankfully I have a piano in my Villa.

Grand Deluxe Villa Living Room

Grand Deluxe Villa

The epitome of what it means to travel in luxury, the villas at our West Hollywood hotel exude elegance and rival competitor offerings in terms of size and quality of offerings. Finding rooms with this kind of attention to detail is rare, and you’ll delight in the various amenities, including full kitchens, grand pianos, private balconies with stunning garden views, and cozy fireplaces to warm your bones on those cool Southern California evenings.

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