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Zen Moments

  • Feet in pool
  • Garden flowers at Sunset Marquis

At Sunset Marquis, we’re always looking to find cool ways to chill. This year we’ve created a series of Zen Moments to share with all of you. We’ll be easing you into your 2019 work weeks with #ZenMondays, so enable notifications on your favorite social platforms and check back with us each Monday for the latest Zen Moment from our hallowed grounds. Better yet, we are offering free downloads of our Zen Moments here on the Sunset Marquis website, so that you can access our meditative state whenever you want! Watch from home to have your own Zen Moment, post the videos to your social media pages and tag us or get creative with how you use them! We want to hear how you’re enjoying your Sunset Marquis-inspired relaxation.

Sit back, relax, and soak it in...

let us get you into the groove each and every week.

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