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Sunset Marquis Hotel Family Vacation Destination

Planning a Family Vacation at The Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, CA!

While I am presently far too married to my independence to have created a family, I am definitely a part of a big, close-knit one and have enjoyed many family vacations. I am the oldest of four kids, and our six-headed beast spent a lot of time on family road trips. Our road trips took us to grand tours of Texas, the Southwest, the Boston area, the Northwest, and many other places. Sometimes we stopped off in little hole-in-the-wall spots, which made the grand hotels in which we stayed that much more memorable and outstanding.  Those memories have allowed me to see West Hollywood and the Sunset Marquis a little differently…as a unique place to spend a family holiday!

Family Vacation Memories

lounge chairs at the villa pool
Lounge Chairs at the Villa Pool

My parents always chose spots that were luxurious for them and a marvel to us, for example, the Salishan resort off the coast of Oregon or the lodges of all the major national parks. Between those stays and my dad’s yearly conference at The Cloister at Sea Island off the coast of Georgia, I developed a love of the sparkling lights, shiny floors, and storied stories that each hotel uniquely presented.

The Sunset Marquis is both a place that will make an indelible impression passing through and become a dearly beloved home for perennials. It is also fundamentally a place for both adult luxury and childhood marvel.  And it is literally in the center of sprawling Los Angeles.

A Staycation on Sunset Boulevard

Whether it is for a lunch meeting, an event, or a weekend staycation, I seek the Sunset Marquis for its atmosphere. It’s a three-and-a-half acre garden (palace), safe and quiet, in the heart of Sunset Boulevard. For kids, there is safety. It is entirely enclosed, private, and has enough staff running around to prevent children from finding the small staircase that leads to La Cienega Boulevard. For adults, there is quiet. This is excellent for sleeping children to be unbothered by West Hollywood’s soundscape, while parents rendezvous romantically and restfully.

The people that breathe life into this hotel – both staff and fellow guests – foster and enliven the environment. The staff that caught your kid on the way to La Cienega are proficient in attending to your every need. My first stay at the Sunset Marquis was made much grander by the bellman, Logan.

A Welcome Refuge

A very jovial guy, Logan was highly attentive as he delivered my bags. Sensing I was a kindred spirit, he played a theme

A Villa at the Sunset Marquis Hotel
Deluxe Villa at the Sunset Marquis Hotel

song on his phone for my villa as he gave me the tour. He told me funny stories when we ran into each other throughout my stay, brought me towels much later that night when I decided to have a late night swim in January, and gifted me Sunset Marquis pins, magnets, and bottle openers for no reason at all, other than that he could see it was making me practically giddy. Logan and I have since become great friends, and you’ll meet him when you come to the hotel! Please tell him, “Sam says hi,” when you do.

The hotel is famous for its rock and roll clientele, but upon my visit the guests were mellow and respectful. I remember hearing snippets of “remember when” all around me, and the affectionate nostalgia was warm and home. While this was not a weekend like the Grammy weekend – during which the Sunset Marquis becomes the constant after party – if you use your best judgment, I guarantee you and your family will either cascade with the raucous rock and rollers or be peaceful alongside them, whichever route you choose.

Cindy Lauper
Cindy Lauper

For kids, there are the pools, the gardens, and the Morrison Hotel Gallery. For adults, there are the spa, Bar 1200, and the Morrison Hotel Gallery. This is not an exhaustive list, but merely an example of the options.  The Sunset Marquis offers a versatile list of amenities that are all transmutable between kid-friendly and parent-friendly.

West Hollywood: The Center of It All

Then, you and yours can leave the hotel and venture into the city you came to see! The Sunset Marquis hums in the middle of West Hollywood, and West Hollywood hums in the middle of Los Angeles. I live in West Hollywood because it is safe and affordable, and I can get to almost anywhere in Los Angeles in thirty minutes or less. Pick the right time of day, and the Malibu Estate Tasting Room & Vineyard, the Santa Monica Pier, LACMA and Hogwarts Castle are right there at your fingertips.

Families Welcome

So, Family of Four, Family of Two, Family of Ten, and all others, we welcome you to the Sunset Marquis. My family is visiting this summer, and you are welcome to hang out with us while they’re here! Booking is a breeze, except for the deciding which room part – suite, villa, suite, which villa… it’s a long mental meandering. Whatever you choose, your family will be comfortable, satisfied, and inspired.

During my time at the Sunset Marquis, I am always made happier by seeing children here. They frolic, and they giggle. They have space to move and to trip and to explore and to be safe doing it all. There is space for both tantrums and hugs because this boutique hotel feels like a home. A home that is unpretentious, stress-free, and genuinely caring – while being historical and inimitably cool.  Be sure to check out all the villa options, as there are special villa packages at certain times of the year!

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