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Pool with crowd in the background; Photographer Elizabeth O. Baker

Flashback to When You Started Your New Year’s Resolutions

Hello our dear patrons and how is 2020 going for you so far? How is your awards season going? Considering awards season is the true ending of the year for all of us in Hollywood, we are feeling almost ready to start 2020 off right: with 2020’s new movies, television, and music that will – a year from now – be competing in our next awards season. Consider our “holiday season” ending mid-February. If you don’t feel as adoring of and beholden to awards seasons, please come visit us next January and February, and you too can feel the relaxation of a red carpet between your toes. 

For those of you who have been with us during the holidays, for the New Year, and/or through this awards season, we hope that we have provided you with the festive home-away-from-home you always dreamed of, and we continue to wish you well with those New Year’s resolutions (you already botched). 

Cavatina at night; Photographer Elizabeth O. Baker
Photographer Elizabeth O. Baker

One of our favorite gifts this “holiday season” has been hearing from lots and lots of you – both on social media and through our staff – that you did or are, in fact, having an excellent holiday with us. We have had an extraordinary couple of big star-studded events so far in 2020, and the digital blitz you guys create is astonishing and fun. Connecting with our beloved guests digitally (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, our website, our podcast, we are everywhere) helps us better your experiences, and we encourage you in 2020 to keep being in touch with us – even more if you want! Treat our social media pages as your personal and dear friend, the Sunset Marquis Hotel, and we are sure to respond, share, and hopefully continue improving our service, quality, and amenities through our personal communications with you. We pride ourselves on being the definition of historic boutique luxury while also being on the cutting edge with absolutely everything else. 

One thing we continue to do over the “holidays” is eat, and eating and social media go hand-in-hand. Simply put: food pics, well, they make us want to eat. Today, we are going to recap the deliciousness that occurred at Cavatina on the final day of 2019, as well as on the very first day of 2020 (again, not the end of our holiday season, but some people make it a big deal). Recaps are great because you can see all that we offer for next time as we prey on your FOMO.

So, let’s take you back to New Year’s Eve 2019. Somewhere on you, there are sequins. You’ve got 2020 glasses in your pocket, which for once work very well (zeros are great for looking out of), and you’re with a handful of people you thoroughly enjoy. But, you’re hungry. Something quick won’t do justice to the closing of a decade, but you want reliability and excellence and a certain casualness to the comfortability, because, hello, New Year’s Eve is a night to really let your hair down. 

And what says letting your hair down better than a Tasting Menu that starts with Kusshi Oysters: uni, quail egg, citrus-shoyu, and a G.H. Mumm, Grand Cordon, Brut, FR wine pairing? Maybe the Hawaiian Kanpachi with grapes, cucumber, and almonds; Maine Lobster Lune, with coral butter, lemon, chives; or the Crispy Cotecchino Sausage with lentils, pomegranate, apple, and sage… all with respective wine pairings. For your entrée, you choose Mediterranean White Sea Bass because you’re obsessed with anything that has shaved white truffle, and your best friend goes with the Grilled Dry Aged Prime Ribeye because it’s good luck to eat black-eyed peas and collards for the New Year. Later, dessert arrives, and you barely finish the Paris-Brest, but you have to because it’s that delicious. And if you’ve been going in on the wine pairings all night – as you should have been, hello 2020! – you will be in perfect condition to go dance the night away and usher in the roaring ’20s for their second century with us. 

Which you do. 

Now picture this: your head hurts a little (from lack of sleep and lots of champagne), and your stomach is craving something very delicious. You want to be elegant on the first day of the new decade, but you don’t want to be somewhere where you couldn’t wear sweatpants – because that’s what everyone wears on January 1st, right? Also, glitter seems to keep coming out of your hair, and you need to go somewhere where that is socially acceptable too.

Hangover brunchTa-dah!! It’s us again. We pride ourselves greatly on offering you a place that is both the height of luxury, while also feeling as comfortable and casual as your own living room. And you want the food to reflect that too. So, you roll out of our villa you crashed in, or you get in an Uber, or your friend picks you up, and you’re at Cavatina in no time (heart-of-West-Hollywood, most-central-location-in-Los-Angeles kind of no time). You know and love our à la carte brunch menu, and we’ve tossed in omelette and crêpe stations that go great with bottomless Bloody Marys and the New Year mimosa bar. 

And now, you’re full and maybe craving a nap (these relaxing circumstances can apply to you year-round with us), and you look around you at the koi pond, the waterfall fountain surrounding the restaurant, the acreage of gardens, and Timothy White’s extraordinary celebrity portraits, and you think, “2019 was great if it lead me here. Imagine what 2020 will bring.” 

A new decade always makes us a little emotional here at the hotel, as I think it does with all of us as we continue to get older (we turn 57 this year…wow). Our long history of being a family-owned establishment in the City of West Hollywood feels like a dream, and the commitment of our regulars is what continues to make that dream true. As we proceed into a post-awards season 2020, we ponder who else will write here, make music with us, hide out from paparazzi, raise children in our pools, and fall in love in our gardens. What will our walls witness next? What a joy it is to look ahead and be excited for it.

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