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If Rockers are the Greatest Romancers and They All Stay Here, That Makes Us Valentine’s Day Experts

It’s that time of year. The sweet scent of amour lingers in the air, as you coax your loved one to make Hallmark’s day with a big mid-February celebration. With spring around the corner, the flowers eager to bloom, one final holiday before that holiday-less stretch in March, it’s time to celebrate Love – which is, in all seriousness, the ultimate inspiration for some of the greatest music of all time. “Something.” “Our Song.” “Layla.” What would rock and roll be, if not for love? 

In honor of one of our favorite holidays of the year, we’ve created the romantic experience of all romantic experiences, the joy of all joys, our pièce de résistance for February’s big one – the Romance+ package. (Cue “The Girl from Ipanema”.) Spend two nights and three days tucked away in our luxurious three and a half acres of gardens with a Junior Villa to call your own. We start you off by greeting you in the Valentine’s Day tradition of a dozen long-stemmed roses and a bottle of champagne. What better way to get a lovers’ weekend going? 

Spend Valentine’s Night surrounded by the twinkling lights and spectacular waterfall that encircle our splendid restaurant, Cavatina. This year, we have a Valentine’s Day menu fit for royalty – music royalty or whatever royalty you subscribe to. Choose between a three- or four-course meal (and we vote the latter because it’s Executive Chef Luis Morales’s cooking, and you will always want to taste as much of his food as you can). You can also indulge in the impeccable wine selections that accompany each course. Because wine is for lovers – that’s a thing, right?! – and if you can’t celebrate wine and your significant other in mid-February, when can you? 

The first course of the evening will be the shellfish plateau, complete with fresh oysters, lobster, shrimp, and scallops, and accompanied by tangy rose mignonette, a splash of Meyer lemon, and spicy tomato aioli. Now do you believe what we said about Chef Luis? Also, we won’t be shy and deny that this course is designed to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. You are very welcome.

For the second course, you will have the chance to choose because variety is the spice of life; a poet said that first, which is highly romantic, and that is on-brand. You could dig into the outstanding endive salad with hidden rose apple, baby beets, Thai basil, and ginger vinaigrette. Or try the delectable homemade potato gnocchetti, complete with vegetable pearls, pancetta, pecorino cheese, and a hint of mint. Trust us, you’ll be torn between two lovers… 

There will also be three entrees from which to choose (taking a moment to reiterate “how great is Cavatina?” for everyone). If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try the celery root lune with duck and mushroom ragù, pecorino, and black winter truffles (which are to die for). Or if you’re looking for another splash of aphrodisiac, try the Maine diver scallops with sprouting broccoli, Nantes carrots, three ripe tangerine, and a touch of saffron. Legend has it that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was carried to land on a scallop shell…and this dish will taste as special as that sounds.  If you’re a bit more of a traditionalist, there will, of course, be a prime filet mignon cooked to perfection with Yukon gold potatoes, sugar snap peas, pearl onions, and a black garlic jus – classics are a few of our favorite things. 

Romance at Sunset Marquis HotelAnd for your infinite pleasure, you’ll finish the meal with a chocolate passion fruit bombe with caramelized white chocolate, rose water macaron, and chocolate truffles. Reading that alone feels like an explosion of romance, so please cap off your dining experience with this perfect symphony of flavors. You’ll be savoring every last bite and belting, “I believe in a thing called love…” 

We also have an array of opportunities for you and your beloved to explore together throughout the rest of the weekend. First, enjoy our complimentary American breakfast at Cavatina – or in bed. Whichever suits the mood. It’s eggs, it’s bacon, it’s coffee, etc, we got you. And if you like piña coladas (or any drinks for that matter), spend some time lounging in the West Hollywood sun by our pools – we have two.

If you’re feeling a bit “Layla, you’ve got me on my knees,” call our luxury spa and schedule your couples’ massage, which is included in this inimitable Valentine’s Day package of ours. So even if you’re not feeling a bit “Layla, you’ve got me on my knees,” you should force yourself to enjoy the epitome of spa luxury. There will be rose petals, so drag yourself. There will be champagne, and you can have two glasses. There will be chocolate-covered strawberries, which are love in a small dressed-up fruit. Don’t wait. (Cue “Unchained Melody.”)

And “because the night belongs to lovers”, two mezzanine tickets to see Sting perform in The Last Ship at the Ahmanson Theatre on Saturday evening will be waiting for you and your significant other. Um yes, we have hit you with the motherlode right here at the end. That’s right, Sting starring in a musical, for which he wrote the music and lyrics. And it is magical! I saw the musical, and it is full of heart and poetry, and the whole cast oozes talent and commitment to the story. The story and songs and characters seem personal to everyone on stage, and that energy is palpable and unforgettable. Not to mention the stunning eloquence of Sting’s work, the unbelievable set design, and the sincerest pleasure in watching Sting – a true artist! – give himself to us for the night. Transportation will be provided to and from the venue, so you can focus on basking in your person’s love on the way there and basking in Sting on the way back. 

Oysters and ChampangneThere will be a couple of other surprises throughout the weekend, but we’re going to keep those a mystery for now… because intrigue keeps the spark alive, and we do all of that best. As they say, love is fleeting, so act fast. We have a super limited number of packages available. Details and pricing are listed on our website, and we can’t wait to spend our Valentine’s weekend with you. And we promise… by the end of the weekend, your Earth Angel will be singing how wonderful life is now that you’re in the world. 

And of course, if your current Valentine’s Day evening plan consists of sitting at a bar quietly humming “The Greatest Love of All,” come join us. Los Angeles is a city of singles and friends and colleagues and lovers and we celebrate all of it. February 14th dinner at Cavatina with friends? The more, the merrier! 

Happy Valentine’s! 





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