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The Reunion

Slipping on heals - Megan and Jack

Scarlet, Paula, Hannah and I were “Bad Reputation”, the best rock band roaming the UCLA campus not so many years ago. I went back to New York after college to go to law school, Hannah got married and moved to Atlanta where she runs a PR Firm, while Scarlet and Paula stayed here in LA and both have well-known bands of their own.

We used to come out to the Sunset Marquis after shows. We had some great times at this hotel and Scarlet told us all about how much more amazing it is now, so we thought it the perfect place to have our girl’s reunion. 

We’re getting the band back together!

Girl Guitar Posing
Guitar Close-Up

Scarlet and Paula brought guitars, of course, and I brought along the love of my life, Barkley.

Hannah booked us all into the hotel's amazing restaurant cavatina for dinner on our first night.

Dinner and drinks on the patio
Taking photo of wine bottle
Sebastian in a suit

It was out of this world delicious. The service and food were as good if not better than many of the places I go in NYC, but the al fresco dining on a 72 degree California evening was divine.

Sebastian in a suit
Sebastian in a suit
Taking photo of wine bottle

The next morning, we woke up and decided on breakfast by the pool. Once the stories started flying it became drinks and lunch poolside as well. :)

We had a table reserved at Bardot for the evening, a hot Hollywood club, so we decided to spend our afternoon at the hotel.

Sebastian in a suit
Sebastian in a suit

We did an impromptu photoshoot in the gardens surrounding the villas, it’s almost like being in a park.

Sebastian in a suit
Lunch at cavatina

As evening arrived we had a quick bite in one of Sunset Marquis' private outdoor dining rooms before heading out. I’m really getting used to this whole eating outside thing.

After an amazing night at Bardot we got back in time to have a nightcap at Bar 1200 at the Sunset Marquis. Tony, the manager was amazing, got us a fantastic table and aside from the swanky new décor it was just like our after-show visits in college, it had been too long since we all closed a bar together.

We all have lives to return to, but we have vowed to make the band reunion a yearly event, so until next year, Rock On Sunset Marquis.

Laughing at the bar
Dinner and drinks on the patio

The Villa

The Villas at Sunset Marquis are truly a unique Hollywood experience. Nestled in over three and a half acres of lush gardens and surrounded by pools and waterfalls, you’ll feel transported to a relaxing oasis only a few steps from Sunset Boulevard. Try one of our Villa Packages and begin your next Sunset Marquis story.

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