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The Pitch

Slipping on heals - Megan and Jack

I started my advertising agency 15 years ago, so I’m used to big pitches. We work out of New York, but we’ve been invited out to Los Angeles to pitch a new account. A major rule of advertising is always pitch on your home turf if you can, and if not at least avoid pitching at the client’s office where distractions abound. So, we’re at my home away from home in West Hollywood, Sunset Marquis.

We did our usual pre-pitch meeting in my Villa, our whole team fit in the living room perfectly and we plugged our presentation into the television to make last minute changes. Sarah nailed down some needed creative changes, while Mark gave us some last-minute thoughts on our client to be, Sebastian Hall, the sausage king of Los Angeles.

Getting ready for an evening out
Sebastian getting ready in Villa bedroom

I was dead set against having a creative presentation in some boring hotel conference room with one window, again the Sunset Marquis delivered. We booked a fabulous meeting room on-property for the meeting. It was surrounded by lush gardens and only a few feet away from my villa.

We went down to get set up and they had the room perfect and loaded up with drinks and snacks. Sebastian was impressed with the location, it’s one of his favorite hotels but I don’t think he knew about their meeting rooms.

Sebastian in a suit
Dinner and drinks on the patio
Patio party
Dinner and drinks on the patio
Couple on a garden walk
Sebastian in a suit

After introductions, Mark got Sebastian started with some coffee, and we got started with our presentation. Charlie and Sarah laid out our creative and media strategies for the coming year, we even showed some creative mockups that Sebastian loved.

We fully expected to pitch, shake hands, and follow up later… not today folks. We were hired on the spot, I’ve never been so proud of my team and all the work we put in to nail this. We were having such a great conversation, the meeting ran a full hour over. Sebastian suggested we go to dinner, and I gave John that nod that says find us good reservations quickly before Sebastian mentioned maybe going to cavatina on property.

Sebastian in a suit
Sebastian in a suit
Sebastian in a suit

The restaurant was busy that night, but they fit us in at a fabulous table on their huge patio. The food was amazing, and Sebastian turned out to be very knowledgeable about wine and loved Cavatina’s wine list. We have a vegan and a vegetarian in our group and both were beyond pleased with their meal. John hasn’t gone a day without mentioning their Cauliflower Steak since that night.

So, there we were the New York team that came to LA and left with the client, what a fantastic finish to a great day in advertising. Thank you, Sunset Marquis, you have always been my home-away-from-home…. Now I guess you’re also my office-away-from-office.

- Lori

Couple on a garden walk
Patio party
Dinner and drinks on the patio




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