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The Getaway

I fall in love with Megan all over again each time we visit the Sunset Marquis. It’s where we met and where we married almost 10 years ago. We come back every year for our anniversary, usually with a few friends, to celebrate.

- Jack

Slipping on heals - Megan and Jack
Getting ready for an evening out

It feels like coming home each time we arrive at Sunset Marquis. The fridge in our Villa kitchen was stocked with my favorite wine, and they arranged for a bottle of Jack’s favorite whiskey. If we didn’t have plans that night, I’m not sure if we would have made it out of the Villa.

- Megan

One of my best friends, Sebastian, was in LA on business and extended his stay to spend the weekend with us. He had a great Villa very close to ours. One of Megan’s college friends met us at our room, and we went to Sebastian’s Villa for drinks since his room had a huge secluded patio.

- Jack

Sebastian in a suit
Sebastian getting ready in Villa bedroom - Hollywood Accomadations

I hadn’t seen Vanessa in years, but we were right back to being best friends like we were in college. There must be something in the air at Sunset Marquis as Vanessa and Jack’s friend Sebastian went from flirty to on-a-date by the second glass of wine!

After an amazing dinner at cavatina, we walked towards our Villas laughing and chatting, until Sebastian offered to walk Vanessa to her “car.” Apparently, they got lost on the way, as we met them for breakfast the next morning. I guess Jack and I weren’t the only ones who had a romantic evening.

- Megan

An evening stroll
Couple on a garden walk
Patio party
Dinner and drinks on the patio

The Villas

The Villas at Sunset Marquis are truly a unique Hollywood experience. Nestled in over three and a half acres of lush gardens and surrounded by pools and waterfalls, you’ll feel transported to a relaxing oasis only a few steps from Sunset Boulevard. Try one of our Villa Packages and begin your next Sunset Marquis story.

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