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Accessible Superior
One-Bedroom Villa

The large size (575 square feet / 53.4 square meters) of our accessible one-bedroom villa offers a spacious living area and patios with garden views. The main entrance has 34” of clearance and at least 36” of clearance on either side of the bed. The closet area provides 43” of clearance with hangar height at 46”. The bathroom features a sink height of 33”, mirror height of 36”, and a roll-in shower entrance with 34” of clearance along with a seat, grab bars on adjacent walls, and a detachable shower head with all controls located 42” off the floor. The toilet features grab bars on adjacent walls at 30” high and a seat height of 17”. Desks feature 31” of height, 36” of width, and 24” of depth.

Non-Accessible Areas

Due to the elevation changes and age of the resort, some areas are not accessible to guests who use wheelchairs. The specific areas include Villa 20’s patio, Villa 10 patio, the Villa pool restroom, and a garden seating area directly below the Villa pool. Our Alta Loma Villas, which rooms were converted from homes built in the 1930s – 1940s are not accessible.

Our Boardroom is not accessible.

Our Wedding Garden is not accessible.


Sunset Marquis is continually working to try and ensure that all areas of the website meet ADA guidelines.

In the meantime, should you experience any difficulty in accessing our pages or would like additional information on specific attributes of the hotel that provide accessibility, please call us toll-free at 800-858-9758 or reach out via email at

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