A roasted turkey with wine and accompaniments at Cavatina Restaurant

Why To Eat Your Thanksgiving Meal At Our Restaurant, Cavatina

Los Angeles is a city full of transplants, which means that a common question around any holiday is, “Are you going home?” Some people answer this question, “Home is right here!” Those locals – along with any transplant who has stayed in Los Angeles during the holidays – knows the brilliant secret we have been keeping close to the vest: the holidays in Los Angeles are quiet. 

The quiet is certainly in comparison to our other crazy times (for example, Awards Season, which we are getting very excited for!). But this does not diminish that the quiet happens and that the quiet is relaxing. In fact, it is super relaxing. Los Angeles is warm and peaceful during Thanksgiving, which frankly, is the only way I want my holiday these days. 

So you are here in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, because you are staying at home or visiting, and you want to keep feeling the drowsy effects of warm, relaxing Los Angeles. Cooking a huge meal for friends and family – running around buying tons of ingredients, picking up everyone’s favorite type of alcohol, cooking for hours (if not for days!) – is too much of a hustle for a holiday, in our opinion. However, you still want to feel that homey feeling during the holiday, especially the Thanksgiving holiday that allows you to express gratitude for loved ones and other positive things in your life.

Cavatina Restaurant Well, the Sunset Marquis is your home, and our restaurant, Cavatina, is your dining room. If you have stayed with us or dined with us, you already know that this is your home and dining room respectively, and if you haven’t stayed with us or dined with us, Thanksgiving is your opportunity to find out. Our unofficial tagline is, “Your home away from home,” and a quick trip to our social media pages will show you that that is the resounding response from our beloved guests. In my personal opinion, our other unofficial tagline should be, “Those who know, know”… so Thanksgiving is your opportunity to come know about the Sunset Marquis Hotel.

We’re deep enough into this blog to know that you want the menu, so time to give you details that will make you hungry. Our Thanksgiving dinner will be served from 3-9pm on the day, with First and Second Courses. The First Course will be a choice of Parsnip Soup, Local Baby Greens, or Pork Belly, and the Second Course will be a choice of Mary’s Turkey Breast, Braised Short Ribs, or Black Cod. There will also be For The Table (sides!) offerings, which will include: creamy potato puree, crispy Brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower, rustic bread and herb stuffing, and cranberry relish. For the vegetarians, we will have Romanesco Cauliflower with baby carrots and truffle yogurt for the entree and roasted squash with Okinawa sweet potato purée, kale, and pomegranate as the side. For Desserts, we will be serving pumpkin, pecan, and apple tarts, cheesecake, and chocolate truffles. All of these menu items have more elaborate descriptions on our Thanksgiving website page, so head here to read more: Cavatina. Please note that you can continue to choose your own adventure by doing your Thanksgiving Feast with or without Bottomless Bubbles. [And there is a lower dinner price for your young ones!] If you’re eating with us, we will have a a special takeaway of leftovers for you too! And, big news, you can also get your Thanksgiving dinner from us to go; please call in advance to order. 

Possibly the best part about Thanksgiving dinner at Cavatina is you will have no dishwashing, no countertop cleaning, no oven scraping, no wine glass drying, and the list goes on. None of the chores, and all of the food and pleasure! 

Adding to the Pros side of this Pro/Con List, Cavatina provides the dream atmosphere for your Thanksgiving Feast. Two pools for your nieces and nephews to dip their feet in before dinner, and three and a half acres of gardens for your parents to enjoy after dinner. Then, there is all of the Sunset Strip for you to enjoy later that night, if the tryptophan hasn’t conked you out after dinner. 

Interior of Cavatina RestaurantAnd if the tryptophan has conked you out after dinner, the good news is – and this may come as a surprise – we are a hotel. You remember. So we will have a few rooms on hand to catch you after your meal, if driving home seems not in line with the holiday spirit. Plus, turn down service and brand new, white Sunset Marquis slippers will surely be calling your name. 

Finally, though the Pros have certainly blown the Cons out of the water, we will ask you one more thing: if you could invite someone, living, to your Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be? Is there a musician or actress you’d love to ask about his or her latest project? A director you’d buy a drink for? Or a writer you’d love to discuss rock ’n’ roll with? Well, at our hotel and restaurant, you never know who will suddenly become the exceptional surprise “guest” at your Thanksgiving dinner. 

To recap: at Cavatina this Thanksgiving, you will get a) the feeling of home b) delicious food without cooking it c) delicious food without cleaning up after it d) the pristine Thanksgiving atmosphere you always dreamed of e) the possibility of turn down service, room service, and two pools, if you so choose to imbibe a little too hard and sleep over with us, and f) an array of surprise “guests” at your Thanksgiving that, again, you always dreamed of. All in all, the answer is yes. Yes?

P.S. All of these reasons justify your dining and staying with us on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day Brunch, so when you call, please feel free to make those reservations today too. 

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! 

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