Calé performs for Live @ Sunset Marquis at our west Hollywood hotel

Recapping the Ninth Anniversary of the Live at Sunset Marquis Concert Series

The Sunset Marquis came to life in 1963, because of musicians. You’ll have to head to our historical blogs for all those crazy stories, and when you read them, you’ll see why we take great pride in our musical and artistic roots. With musicians defining our history, influencing our decor, and shaping our guest lists for 56 years, the Live at Sunset Marquis concert series was a very natural next step. 

Our Ninth Year

This year was the ninth year of the popular (and free!) summer music series we host here at the hotel. The goal is simple: give back to the music community that made us by fostering up-and-coming talent. As our VP of Marketing and founder of the music series, Chris Cope, put it, “Whatever emotion is drawn out of [the musicians] as a result of that experience, that’s all we care about: is that they had a good experience.”

So, what do we do? We merge the exciting performance energies of two buzzing artists with the relaxing nighttime, poolside setting that is our Villa Pool. Cope continued to say, “After the band is done with their set, they’ll come out into the audience. I mean, it really becomes an immersive experience.” With our storied history, location, clientele, art gallery out front, and recording studio underneath, immersion is always our game. 

Hamish Anderson performs at Sunset MarquisA Very Personal Set

In fact, other than the exceptional performances, my favorite part of our beloved showcase series is seeing how friendly and gracious the artists are during and after their performances. To see talent so extraordinary, then speak to you so enthusiastically makes the evening an experience unlike any other. And Live at Sunset Marquis has hosted a number of remarkable artists known and on the rise, included Gary Clark Jr., Dionysia, The National Parks, Andy Lawrence, and many others. “The Marquis is legendary – are you kidding? The history, the people who have come in through these doors. It’s just, it’s really a humbling experience to be here,” said Andy Lawrence about his experience playing with us.

A Typical Showcase

So what’s it like to attend a Live at Sunset Marquis concert? You show up at 6pm if you’re going to eat dinner at our restaurant, Cavatina, beforehand (or grab dinner there after, if you like to eat later!). People start milling around in the Spa Garden and by the restaurant bar at around 6:30. The Sunset Marquis has an unbelievable network of regulars, and so there is a lot of hugging and helloing and “let-me-get-you-a-drink”-ing – it’s a big family, and you’re welcome to it! The doors open at 7pm, and people start trickling more and more rapidly up to the villa pool deck. Cavatina has catered snacks up there too, and alcohol is aplenty, so show up ready and willing to be satiated. 

Music starts at 8pm: two headliners and all talent. It’s difficult to describe the pure energy on our pool deck these nights; it’s all music fans and musicians, and everyone is in awe of the space’s aura and cheering on the newer talent in front of them. It is camaraderie, kindred spirits, and an unadulterated, shared loved of Rock ’n’ Roll and West Hollywood and our hallowed grounds. 

Calé performs live at Sunset MarquisFinal 2019 Performance

Next year will be our tenth anniversary of supporting innovative artistry, so we will be doing something extra special in 2020. However before that, we went out with a bang this year: our final concert was on September 27th with Andy Allo and John the Martyr. Did you see these performances? If not, you will have to see remarkable talents, like these, and hang out with us next summer!

As Chris Cope put it, “The Sunset Marquis has really been a musicians’ hotel for so many decades. We had the likes of, some of the most amazing music icons in history;” so come feel that history of music, while witnessing its future, here at our Live at Sunset Marquis concert series. 

Tenth Anniversary coming to you next summer! 

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