Small plastic Oscar awards for a party at our boutique hotel in west Hollywood

Awards Seasons: We Are Already Ready

Have you spent any time with us during Awards Season? If you have, then you know the immense energy and buzz that lives constantly at our hotel in the first months of each year. Golden Globes, BAFTAs, New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Academy Award nominations, Sundance Film Awards, Grammys, Super Bowl LIV (it counts!), then the Academy Awards makes approximately January 5th to February 9th a fabulous time here at The Sunset Marquis. And while we aren’t at liberty to say much of anything about the specifics of what happens with our guests at the hotel – for example, who they are and how they’re hanging out… – we are allowed to encourage you to book with us during Awards Season.

And on a technicality, we like to consider Los Angeles launching into Awards Season with the Emmys each year. The Teen Choice Awards in August kick it off (we guess), but the Emmys – the Emmys – are the first “big boys and girls” event of the season: where the stars come to be recognized for their extraordinary talents on U.S. prime time television programing. And they also come to play. Our favorite TV actors are more than deserving of some celebration for their massive achievements from the past year, wouldn’t you agree?

The Only Awards in Summertime

So, we consider the Emmys the opening party of Awards Season. However, the Emmys stand out not only because they start things off, but also because they take place in summer – the last weekend in summer, in fact! Our pools are available all year round, but the tanning and the heat are certainly more intense in September than in February (during the Oscars). So if you’re needing a long, end of summer weekend getaway, book with us during the Emmys or anytime in September.

It's Awards Season at Sunset MarquisLast Awards Season

Earlier this year, I spent many days on the grounds during awards season, and one of my favorites was the Grammys. With our close connections to the music industry, I wasn’t surprised that the Grammys would be an extraordinary experience at The Sunset Marquis. I watched the Grammys in Cavatina Restaurant surrounded by musicians and music producers and friends that work at Republic Records, and the energy was unlike anything I’d ever felt watching an awards show on television. Everyone had a personal connection to someone on screen at some point, and we were all strongly engaged with what was happening. It was a party that felt as intimate as a best friend’s birthday party, but with the gravitas and glamour of the Super Bowl! 

Having spent many, many days at the hotel and Cavatina and Bar 1200, I guarantee our connections to Hollywood’s film and television industry are just as strong as our connections to music. Writer’s live with us, directors take regular meetings here, and actors and actresses are our regulars. The same energy that pervaded the night of the Grammys at Cavatina happens during the Emmys, and I can’t wait to be there for it next year.

Not at Liberty to Say

And while again, we are not at liberty to say who we saw and where and what they were doing…we will say that the Emmys are a sexy time to eat and drink and stay and swim with us. Do you like people watching? Do you have celebrity crushes? Are you inspired by a few Hollywood icons? Well, maybe these things are our speciality….though again, we can’t really confirm or deny anything…

We can guarantee that we are the best kept secret in Hollywood. Only those who know know. And during the Emmys, those who know are here. 

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