Four women celebrate their trip with champagne by the pool at our luxury hotel in Hollywood

My Villa Vacation in West Hollywood!

I write to you from my Villa Vacation in West Hollywood, two drinks in after a farewell dinner party for my friend, M. Her energy is inimitable! Her person expands to fill even the largest room with her passion, attentiveness, and laughter; she takes all of life and feels it grandly. Los Angeles is losing one of her finest to the UK.

An International Contingency

However, before Princess M got her UK husband, let’s rewind back to the most fabulous – M’s favorite adjective! – girls weekend, with M, N, B, and yours truly, S. A quartet unlike any other! N, B, and I went to college together, but we became close in Los Angeles. N is elegant and fun; she lives life largely, and she’s highly intelligent – about to be Dr. N after that P.H.D. kicks in. B describes herself as an adventure capitalist; is cute beyond measure; is also highly intelligent and a work hard boss; has a heart of gold; and is the most endearing, stylish, drunk sweetheart you could possibly imagine. We are a marvelous international pack, representing Mexico, Turkey, Hong Kong & Singapore, and South Carolina: a tribe stimulating, smart, and beautiful. While not important, the latter does have a quantifying affect how many free drinks we are gifted.

Grand deluxe villa at Sunset Marquis
Interior of a Grand Deluxe Villa

Let’s Stay In A Villa

So a fabulous crew of lovely, dear girlfriends, head to the Sunset Marquis on a Friday evening for a Los Angeles staycation in a villa. This crew is rather infamous in my opinion. I always feel invincible with them. You have that group – think of them now, and be warm inside! Think of all the best nights of your lives you’ve had together – belles of the ball – think of the gazes your ladies and you attract. With them, you are absolutely liberated to be silly and carefree and emotional and genuine. Love and respect are the glue. While I take you through an idyllic 24-hours of our girls weekend at the Sunset Marquis, I invite you to tag your three best friends in the places of M, N, and B.

You all arrive with a multitude of bags, because not only have you packed for yourself, but you have also packed for sharing. Or at least to share with that one friend (which in my group is me, S) that you have to pry away from her sweatpants with your shiny fabrics and pretty cuts. A cute bellman, winking and bowing and maybe tripping over himself a little because of how bashful he becomes with the four of you, flirts and leads you through the trickling, bird sounds, and rushing of flowers and foliage.

To The Pool!

lounge chairs at the villa poolThere! A bottle of wine! Specially welcoming the four of to your villa for the weekend. The wine is surrounded by a spread of cheese and crackers, jams and fruit for your girls and you. S gets in a robe immediately, and you all begin popping grapes in each other’s mouths and smiling. You sit on your balcony for the first half of dusk, cuddling and catching up on your weeks, and then you all head to the pool to watch the sky paint itself brilliantly in blushes and purples from the water.

M and B have already slid into the pool, having changed into bikinis while N and S were distracted by cheese. N and S fly back to the villa! S is sure to conservatively fly because she’s not wearing anything under the fluffy bathrobe. Suits are shimmied on, and moments later N and S are cannon-balling into the pool.

After swimming is accomplished, the attractive bellman reappears with towels and robes and slippers to get the crew from the pool back to the villa. Cozied up like princess marshmallows, M, N, B, and S trundle back arm in arm.

Discovering Cavatina at the Sunset Marquis

Music ignites the wet mermaids into evening goddesses. Flowing dresses, shiny leather, and dangerous-looking stilettos are tossed out of all bags and bounce into restful stays on the bed. This bed: I can personally assure you is the most comfortable night’s sleep that’s legal. There’s a ton of laughter and more wine. B brings up the time that together we met a sexy man at SoHo House who told us he was a lion tamer, to which N responded, “I’m a Leo – can you tame me?” Shiny cheeks get powdered amidst the warm smell of hair straighteners, and the gang looks stellar and irresistible.

Dinner at Cavatina@Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood
Dinner at Cavatina@Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood

Arm in arm again you all saunter into Cavatina for a late dinner. The spread comes out seemingly immediately – or is that because you are so caught up in each other’s thoughts and persons? Every morsel satisfies and fuels the evening. Excellent upon delicacy upon divine! Wine wine wine, the sparkling-lit trellises, and you can almost hear the Koi pond applauding at the revelry. Every element is delicately thought through to fuel you ladies into your celestial partiers.

Sunset Boulevard Here We Come!

Then, you walk for twenty-five seconds and hit Sunset Boulevard – will it be dancing or a rock and roll band? Hookah or an American bar? Or maybe all of them? You are a team notorious for flying high and fast, meeting everyone, and answering everything with a “yes.”

Back at Bar 1200

The world famous BAR 1200
The world famous BAR 1200 at the Sunset Marquis Hotel

Hours of adventure pass before hazily you find yourselves back at the Sunset Marquis, cuddling together in Bar 1200. The people watching is immense: towering models with legs longer than your friendships. Men and women with storied faces, lined and sometimes re-smoothed out. A human whose back has been towards you all the entire night, and he or she is hidden head-to-toe in brilliantly colored feathers. Cigarettes and whiskey perfume the booth where you four lay, until a handsome stranger caller comes smiling to the table offering a quip and a round of shots.

M gasps into the room, grinning, and eyes glowing as they stare at a new romantic text message from broad and blue. She too snuggles into the turndown service, and sans sheep or counting, you four meld into dreams together.

Mornings are Better at the Sunset Marquis

Morning is S jiggling beds with a few hops, then quiet for a few minutes until she returns with coffee aromas from Cavatina. The latter is a much more welcome wake up than the excited morning hops (S has trouble sleeping in when fun is to be had with loved ones). Everyone feels remarkably good! It’s impossible to be hungover in a bed that ridiculously plush. The breakfast spread is colorful and lovely and delicious and fragrant.

Dishes are shared, forks from M and N go into B’s and S’s mouths. Coffee and hot water with lemon and a rainbow of juices miraculously stay full to the brim. Bellies fill your tanks as you energize for the rest of the weekend delights and adventures.

I constantly take friends to the Sunset Marquis, and they perpetually invite themselves back. Breakfasts when everything looks golden and promising, and you feel you are gently unwrapping from your snug cocoon. Lunches where the crowd is energetic and creative, a lively medley of collaborations and families and friends. Dinners are rowdy or romantic or with Mom.

My Other Home In Los Angeles

There are also late night walks, during which I show off my Sunset home to any friends I’ve found out in West Hollywood that night. Glistening pool days that inhale pristine and exhale relaxation; the blue coolly kisses you as water sounds cascade around the inner ear. Writing sessions deep in the gardens with my creatively genius friends who inspire me, and four eyes shine back at each other electrically as we strike on filmic moments or personal anecdotes that connect. I am honored to call my friends my family at this stage in my life. I am further honored to bring them to my home, the Sunset Marquis.

BTW, I was invited to a really cool event at the hotel later this month and I’ll be sharing the details in my next blog.  Talk then!


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